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Lionel Friedli - drums
Raphaël Ortis - bass
Vincent Membrez - minimoog
Shane Perlowin - guitar
Antoine Läng - voice and electronics


|sbdQtç| (from Latin subductus - to draw away from below) is a project dedicated to improv/experimental music in reference to rock aesthetics, as well as electroacoustics. Drifting from loud noise, psychedelic trance or metal brutality to minimal soundscapes, sbdQtç works as a repeated movement between construction and deconstruction, musical impetus and chaotic material following with contrasted dynamics, inspired by a subduction process pulling matter from below. Aside from the instrumentation, few open rule directions or morse-code based patterns, the music is first of all free improvised material, through the versatile and instinctive approach of each musician that allow the band to produce a haunting, intense and highly organic music.
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